Internet of Things (IoT) Services and Solutions

With the ever-evolving era of digitization, IoT is transforming the business future of the technology world. EUBIX provide excellence and rich capabilities in embedded design and development enable us to deliver versatile, reliable and secure, cloud-managed IoT  services and solutions with respect to the emerging market demands. EUBIX provides customer a variety of solutions like smart homes, smart tracking, smart cities,smart security, building management system, etc

Our Expertise

IOT Application Development

We offer innovative and hi-end IoT application development services tailored to solve the real-world problems of different industry verticals. We offer end-to-end application development services including both hardware and software support with an aim to provide the best integration of software and hardware technologies for superior performance  by using environmental data gathered using sensors or different communication means such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, etc.

IoT Device Development

IoT development requires electrical, mechanical, and software design teams to work together early and often to get as-designed products to customers on time. Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are specifically designed to help bring all teams and designs together into a single system—enabling   collaboration across all teams, faster design approvals, and increased traceability from concept through initial requirements to final product launch

IoT Platform Integration

Our expertise with API development, integration patterns, 3rd parties, and the participating platforms, enables us to perform the integrations required to build a complete IoT solution, advancing your IoT adoption journey. Examples of such integrations are OSS/BSS integration, CRM, ticketing system integration, SMS integration, Billing system integration etc.